Head of Treasury

Working with MaxBet as an operator sounded like a fantastic chance to me as a college student seeking employment with no prior experience. Young staff, consistent pay, and bonuses were more than enough to entice me to work for this company. I didn’t know back then where it would take me, but I’m glad I made a wise choice.

Team leader and professional associate of the accounting department

I secured a position as an operator at the MaxBet store in Novi Sad toward the end of my studies at the Faculty of Economics. The chance for my progress in this organization also materialized when I finished university. I am extremely glad that my career started and continues at MaxBet, because we share the same values when it comes to business.

Head of Business Intelligence

The love for sports and betting was reason enough for me to take a temporary job as a betting operator at MaxBet during my studies. Back then, I had no idea that nine years later I would be in a management position in the same company. I like the fact that MaxBet fosters collegiality, encourages ambition, and rewards persistence and dedication to work.

Online Director

I started my career back in 1999 as a betting operator. Thanks to my experience and commitment, I advanced to various managerial positions, and since 2016, I have been in director positions at MaxBet. I participated in the development of the company’s business in various areas, I particularly contributed to the creation of the online sector, in which I now hold a management position.

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