Aleksandra Stojanov

Entry position:
Payment Counter Cashier

Current position:
Head of Treasury

How long have you been with the company?

5 years.

What are your experiences from the beginning of your career at MaxBet?

I worked as a cashier for the first time in 2014 at the then-largest location in Novi Sad, Eldorado. There were about twenty of us on the team, and the atmosphere among us was always excellent. Most of my former team colleagues are still with the company today, and they are all in higher positions, which makes me extremely happy.

Being a cashier in a betting shop turned out to be a great experience for my future career growth, and the job itself was dynamic and fun. In addition to work habits and discipline, I also gained communication skills that are still very valuable to me in my work.

What are your experiences today?

When I finished my economics studies, my desire was to work in the finance sector in a large company. Today, I can proudly say that my wish has come true. My dedication and hard work were recognized by MaxBet’s management, which has brought me to a managerial position in the department that deals with payment coordination and cash flows.

I take the trust given to me very seriously, and I am delighted that the department I lead is developing and growing rapidly. In addition to gaining knowledge and experience, the team atmosphere is also very important to me, and I can proudly say that my colleagues in our office are always cheerful and ready to work.