Responsible business

Responsible business is one of MaxBet’s postulates, and the reason why we supported our reliable user experience service with adequate protection of our users.

By strictly respecting the law and limiting the availability of games of chance to adults only, in all physical shops as well as online on our website, we also contribute to the prevention of the participation of minors in games of chance. In accordance with the legal regulations, in all our premises there are posters with the mark 18+ and a note that games of chance can cause addiction, along with the contact phone number of an institution certified by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of addiction to games of chance.

When opening an account at the operator’s premises or on our website, each user must attach a personal document (ID, passport, or driver’s license, and a copy of a bank account or credit card) for inspection, which must be issued by an official institution, and the data on the document must be displayed clear and legible. The user must also enter their Unique Personal Identification Number and accept the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which, among other things, imply consent to the processing of personal data, which the organizer of games of chance collects, processes, and stores in accordance with Articles 110 and 111 of the Law on Games of Chance.

Each of our shops has leaflets at the point of sale that highlight information about responsible betting, setting healthy limits, recognizing problems, and taking measures in the form of the necessary professional help. MaxBet strictly complies with Article 56 of the Law on Games of Chance, within which advertising is carried out with a notice on the prohibition of the participation of minors in games of chance, as well as with a warning on the prevention of addictive diseases.

Our operators in direct contact with the users are trained in performing preventive actions for gambling addiction and accordingly take the necessary measures if they notice any of the symptoms in the user.

As a responsible partner of the community in which it operates, MaxBet is part of the Association of Gaming Operators of Serbia (AGOS), within which it developed a strategic plan for launching an initiative aimed at educating on socially responsible behaviour in the games of chance industry with a special emphasis on providing each user with the necessary help and support when entering the rehabilitation and re-socialization process.