About the company

MaxBet has been organising games of chance since 1993. Today, it is an example of successful and sustainable operations, and operates in Serbia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Our development is driven by innovation. By continuously monitoring and implementing new technologies, and via in-house realisation of quality software solutions, we provide the best experience to players.

MaxBet is proud to say that thanks to corporate governance, investing in qualified personnel, and technological development, as well as stable cooperation with all relevant partners, the company became one of the leaders in the region’s gaming industry for a reason.

For MaxBet, CSR represents a strategic framework for managing the company, and is based on investing in long-term and stable relations with all crucial stakeholders, as well as the commitment to actively contribute to the society it operates in.

We know that life is a game, and that is why we play the best we can!