Ninoslav Lazarević

Entry position:
Betting manager

Current position:
Online Director

Time at the company?

Over 14 years.

What experiences do you recall from the beginning of your career at MaxBet?

My initial job at MaxBet involved bringing betting to already-established sites. We initially established our company in the south of Serbia, where we gradually transformed the acquired business into a new one before gradually expanding across Serbia and the region. We introduced new offers, such as online betting, as well as new sectors within the company, which led to the improvement of MaxBet’s business.

I actively took part in a variety of job processes, including the establishment of the betting headquarters and the operations of operators and managers. I participated in the formation of the administration and the method of calculation, I contributed to the creation of the online sector, the IT sector and the introduction of the new ERP. I participated in the introduction and creation of new procedures, tools and software improvements.

What do your experiences look like today?

The new function is undoubtedly the product of the work I did and the expertise I gained, primarily at MaxBet. I am glad to be in this position now because it confirms to me that the company recognized my effort and work. Thanks to great knowledge and experience, I can successfully manage this sector, which is complex, connected to new technologies and requires full commitment from employees.

With over 23 years of experience in this field, I can only say that I am my job, and I place a high value on hard effort and getting things done. I appreciate MaxBet giving me the chance and their faith, and I know that working together, we can achieve great results.