Miloš Knežević

Entry position:
Betting operator

Current position:
Head of Business Intelligence

Time at the company?

9 years.

What experiences do you recall from the beginning of your career at MaxBet?

I launched my career in 2013, as a student searching for temporary employment, never even imagining that my story with MaxBet will last a whole nine years.

At the time, as a passionate sports fan, especially of football, I had been already familiar with various types of betting, that was an ideal job. I learned what it is like to be on the other side of the monitor, and the knowledge of the way points of sale operate, as well as the direct contact with all kinds of player personalities, were key for my future career development.

What do your experiences look like today?

Dedicated work and trust, that I built step by step all these years, have led me to the current position I hold. For almost four years, I have been dealing successfully with a huge responsibility that this position brings with it, as the majority of strategically important and less important company decisions depend on reports, analyses, projections and calculations that come directly from my sector.

I manage a sector that is in charge of finding the best solutions for data aggregation from various sources, and we deal with the development of data analysis instruments and models, that help us monitor the basic indicators and goals. This data is used in order to make proposals for improving the company’s profitability and efficiency.