MaxBet 3rd Zrenjanin Marathon

The MaxBet 3rd Zrenjanin Marathon this year gathered more than 1200 runners from Serbia and 10 other countries around the world. Participants took part in six races: marathon, half-marathon, race for persons with disabilities, pleasure race, relay race 3×7 km, and PerSu Smile Race.

MaxBet proudly supports this marathon, from its inception, as part of our strategic support for sports and recreation.

“As a socially responsible company, we are always delighted to support the community in which we operate and are involved in various initiatives that contribute to societal development. MaxBet is originally from Zrenjanin; we were established here on Gimnazijska Street back in the early 90s. We are still here today, conducting business in our city, employing people not only in Zrenjanin but also throughout Serbia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Our goal is to always be a part of important events that promote Zrenjanin in the best possible light, which is why MaxBet is the general sponsor of the Zrenjanin Marathon. We believe that sports have the power to bring people together and have a positive impact on our health and quality of life, which in turn contributes to the creation of a better society. For a better and healthier Zrenjanin – for Maximum Zrenjanin,” stated MaxBet’s CEO, Darko Živanov.

At the grand opening of the marathon, the participants were addressed by Mayor of Zrenjanin Simo Salapura, Director of the Belgrade Marathon Darko Haboš, General Secretary of the Sports Association of Zrenjanin Vukosava Đapić Atanacković, and Vladimir Stanar, the Director of the Zrenjanin Marathon.

The MaxBet Zrenjanin Marathon has been held for the third consecutive year and is attracting an increasing number of participants from both Serbia and abroad. It aims to become a traditional gathering for recreational athletes and sports enthusiasts in Zrenjanin.

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